Meat is a Treat

That is the name of the diet I have coined.  I’m not a vegan.  I’m not a vegetarian really.  I think one time I saw on the Internet as the term that would use to describe me is “flexetarian”…I eat meat but I am not scarfing it down everyday with every meal.  “Meat is a Treat” means just that…it is a treat.  So basically I try not to consume any meat Monday-Most of Friday.  I normally will consume meat maybe once or twice a meal on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  And when I say meat I normally mean lean meat…poultry and fish.  I try to avoid all red meat as much as possible.

Here is how I got to this diet of mine.

  1. I eventually started by eliminating red meat.  Gotta start with baby steps.
  2. I eventually wanted to eat less meat, so I decided to only eat it every other day.
  3. I eventually wanted to eat even less, so I decided that that will be my treat for managing to get through a busy work/school week and just life in general.

I may eventually go full vegetarian but there are health benefits to eating lean meat in small quantities that I value.  I could never go full vegan but I admire them (this is actually really funny because I was added to a “Vegan Community” board on Pinterest for all the vegan recipes I post).

Let me make this clear.  I eat less meat, because by cutting this out this makes me find protein sources that have a lower fat content and also tricks my mind into eating more fruits and vegetables.  I really don’t have compassion for animals.  I mean like I wouldn’t kill your pet or anything, but I am not an animal lover…I find them to actually be rather annoying creatures.  Plants just tend to have less calories than you know…cows.  Even if I became a full vegetarian, it wouldn’t be out of my love for animals.  It would come from my love of being thin.

Vegetarian and vegan food tend to be a lot healthier and have less calories so that is why I eat less animals.  So if you ever wanted to know why that is the name of my diet now you know!


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