Monday Breakfast

My fast this week starts today and will last until midday on Friday.  The plan is to juice in the morning and after I get off work, and to have a smoothie to snack on throughout the day.

Being that it is Monday, it took all the power of the angels in heaven to get me out of bed so my plan is a little off.  I was going to juice 2 grapefruits for breakfast, but I didn’t have time to because my juicer is intimidating and I haven’t used it (and was also running late).

I decided to just make this for breakfast and just juice a whole lot when I get home.  I have had 2 glasses of green tea (I don’t do coffee), and I am on my 6th glass of water.  This smoothie is already gone, so I might have to like get a V8 or something later.

Berry Smoothie Ingredients:

  • 1 banana
  • Several strawberries
  • Several blueberries
  • Several raspberries
  • Several blackberries
  • A little flaxseed oil
  • A serving of protein powder
  • Some soy milk

I blended everything together and just took it with me to work.  It was really sweet and good hence why it is already gone.  Berries are SO good for you because they have so many antioxidants (which are clutch for keeping you look young).  I added flaxseed oil because it is about to expire, and I always like to add protein powder to my smoothies/shakes/dips/sauces since I don’t eat meat that often and need the protein.



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