Sunday Indulgence

Due to the fact that I was going on a hardcore juice/liquid fast this week, I decided to practically throw my diet out the window.

I went with my 2 friends to Applebee’s earlier that day to have lunch.  I had like 4 refills of rasberry iced tea (not bad but I know it came from a Pepsi product so probably not nutritional at all but at least it wasn’t soda pop).  The kicker was me having fried fish, fries, and a baked potato with butter, sour cream, and cheese.  I also split an order of chips and spinach artichoke dip as an appetizer, and was randomly eating my friends croutons from her salad.  I couldn’t even handle the potato, so I am probably going to throw that away when I get home later today.

Later for dinner, I ordered the Broccoli/Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo.  Carbs and Alfredo are seriously my biggest 2 weaknesses, so that is why I have been trying to not buy pasta (especially the white kind) when I go grocery shopping and have been experimenting with using Alfredo sauces that are nut-based and not butter, cream, and cheese (I’ll eventually share).

I’m only posting my indulgences to show that I am not that big of a health psycho.  It’s ok to indulge…except when you do it everyday with every meal.  That’s how you get fat.


So fat and good ugh.


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