Monday’s Juicing

Today was actually the first time I had used my juicer after purchasing it MONTHS ago. I was kind of scared of it because it seemed complicated to use upon first glance and I thought the clean up would be too much.  It actually has been easy to use and clean up is not that bad.  The only thing that is disheartening is the amount of pulp produced…I need to do some intense Googling to see how I can not waste this because I know it can be used for at least something.

Orange Juice – 2 oranges, 1 clementine

Grapefruit Juice – 1 grapefruit

Healing Juice (with my own modifications) – leftover spinach and kale from my salad last week , 3 sticks of celery, 4 carrots

*Got this recipe from Pinterest here (the lack of juice that came from the spinach and kale was pathetic but oh well)

The “Healing Juice” was actually good considering I didn’t use any fruits (veggie smoothies and juices can always be hit and miss).  It tasted more like carrots than anything but it was still good.

One day of juicing and I didn’t even have to meditate away my hunger!


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