Tuesday Breakfast/Lunch

Today I got up and made the same smoothie I made yesterday.  I just made more of it to better tie me over throughout the day and I think I used more rasberries because it came out as a darker pink.

Actually, I did make a few adjustments.  One, I actually had time to wash the fruit with Fit before blending them.  Two, this time I decided to add some Greek yogurt to it so it is thicker as well.

I also had about 2ish cups (or however ounces that my mug holds) of soy milk.  I mixed it with a little protein powder and cacao powder to give it flavor.  Cacao is where dark chocolate comes from and has antioxidants that are good for you in small doses.  And a tablespoon of the brand I got from Hershey is only like 10 calories and that is normally more than enough.



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