Liquid Fast Reflections

My liquid fast ended at lunch time today when I actually have food for lunch.  I call it a “liquid fast” because I basically didn’t have solid food for about 5 days.

I wouldn’t call it a juice fast for the following reasons:

  • I mixed supplements (not sure if you can do that)
  • I drank non-dairy milk and a whole bunch of green tea (not sure if that’s allowed either)
  • I had smoothies (smoothies are different than juices because they still have the pulp and the fiber…also they require two different machines at least for me)
  • In those smoothies I would sometimes include other things like Greek yogurt and peanut butter
  • Not everything was organic
  • I may have had a bottle of wine one night…(HEY IT’S THE FERMENTED JUICE OF GRAPES)

It was my first time actually trying juicing and I think I did a decent job.  It won’t be my last for sure, and I will learn from my first attempt in future fastings.  I will say that I believe most people take it easy in the fitness category  when fasting (where I kept my same regiment) and most only do it for 3 days…I’m kind of extreme.

Though there were many times I wanted to eat, I think this was a good lesson in being mentally strong and avoiding temptation.  I never even meditated once!  This will help me in the future in avoiding bad food and people who try to pressure me in eating bad food (and believe me there was temptation EVERYWHERE).

If I did this living by myself, took off work, and didn’t watch television the entire time then I don’t think I would’ve struggled at all by doing a complete juice fast (I definitely would have had to reduce my workout by a third or even two thirds).  There was so much temptation from my coworkers, roommates, and television ads…I swear everyone around me was playing mindgames (WHY IS THERE PIZZA EVERYWHERE).  At one point even tree bark sounded delicious.  However, I maintained my resolve and am happy and proud that I was able to stick with it.

This was literally the best time to do this.  Why?  I felt like fasting made me mentally stronger, and I will need it to get through the holiday season aka the fattest time of the year for Americans (and for the fact that America is the fattest nation on the earth makes this time of the year even more frightening and horrendous).  Halloween (candy everywhere), Thanksgiving (where 95% of the country goes into a food coma), and all the religious holidays full of dinners/candies/treats.  And even NYE because of all of the parties.  Plus, it gets colder too.  Your average person thinks it is okay to not work out because of the cold and since there are so many holidays and “tis the season” so they can throw ANY sort of diet out the window.

And don’t even get me started on the workplace potlucks and treats people bring in….why can’t you bring in like a veggie tray or something?

Despite that rant, I think I have increased my mind and body’s mental resistance to all the future sugar, carbs, and fatty temptations that will be coming my way.

Results That I Have Noticed Post Fast:

  • My skin looks clearer (one of the annoying things that happened when I started losing weight was that I started breaking out more WHY CAN’T I JUST BE PERFECT?)
  • I lost weight (I think actual weight and fat and not just the water weight that goes up and down from exercise)
  • I feel skinnier…but it’s a different kind of skinny…like I feel lighter and I more clean internally
  • I have a different mental opinion about food*

*I was so hungry last night and as I was crockpotting my soup I said that I was going to add chicken and cheese to it when I ate it at work today.  When you’re done fasting, they say to reintroduce food back in your life slowly with vegetables and fruits and to stay away from dairy and meat for a few days.  But when I got to work there was no need to (the smell was so good that I didn’t even think about it when I got up this morning and it was delicious) even though technically since it is Friday it is a part of the whole “meat is a treat” thing.

The moral of that was that my opinion about food has changed.  I don’t feel like I need to eat meat even though as a part of my diet I could and I preferred to keep my soup cleaner by not adding that stuff.

I think that my new goal from having a raw and then liquid fast week that I want to do this more often in WAY smaller doses.  So I am going to try and have at least one day that I eat raw and then one day that I juice.  Plus, if I do that on a weekly basis then I won’t feel bad when I may be loading something up with cheese or have a little indulgence every now and then.


2 thoughts on “Liquid Fast Reflections

  1. Beatrice October 26, 2012 at 7:12 pm Reply

    I need a juicer!! I want to do this so bad. I don’t know if I’d have the willpower, but I feel like your blog would help me!

    • winningwiththinning October 30, 2012 at 4:43 pm Reply

      I need to find time to do a review of mine. I think it was $60-$70. It works well and considering most juicers are HUNDREDS of dollars I love it as my first juicer.

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