On Saturday, I knew I needed to workout but it took me literally 3 hours of internal mental coaxing before I finally had the nerve to do so.  It was supposed to be a weights day, but I wasn’t even in the mood so I just went on another run.

Before my run, I had a banana, tablespoon of peanut butter, and my last bowl of vegetable soup.  I also had several glasses of green tea (green tea is like coffee for me).

Miles: 10

Pace: 9:07 min/mi

Time: 1:31:09

Calories burned: 1156

*Sandy’s wind has really been cutting into my running time.

Afterward, I really wasn’t hungry so I just decided to eat a bowl of carrots, celery, and bok choy with homemade hummus that I had made.  I also had a half a grapefruit and some water as well.

Later that night I had a few slices of my friend’s leftover pizza (which I really didn’t feel bad considering how good I was that entire day).


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