Sunday: Rest Day and INDULGENCE

Ok so Sunday wasn’t that bad but I ordered out twice that day (which I hate ordering out food but it the weather was so ugly outside I literally had no motivation to do anything).

I had what felt was a vat of pasta marinara and fried chicken tenders.

Then I literally watched Netflix all day.  I think in between that I had more than my daily amount of water needed and half a grapefruit.

Around 7pm where I decided that I was hungry again, I ordered a ridiculous amount of Chinese.  After the trip to Fatland earlier that day I decided to tone it down.  I ordered Chinese and got steamed brown rice, vegetables, and shrimp with their brown rice.  I also ordered a tall can of Arizona green tea (I had ran out earlier that day).  I also still wanted something fat so I ordered the crab rangoon (to die for) and got 12 oz. can of Diet Pepsi (I rarely drink pop and diet is even worse than the regular kind healthwise but I was in a “spare myself the calories” mode).


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