Ok there was nothing juicy about today, I just juiced.

Anyway, I started off the morning with juicing 3 beets.  It was meh.

SIDE NOTE: This is the worst thing to have as you’re “morning on the go” drink like I had it.  It stains EVERYTHING (including my skin and I literally had to rub it off WITH soap) and some got on my sweater and I think you have to like do these specific steps to get it out.  Also, it is a really powerful body detox/cleanser…

After I got home, I juiced a lemon and half a cucumber (leftovers from my water drink I am eventually going to post about on here) and then had 2 cups of green tea.  This drink was also so so because there was leftover beet juice that got into it and it just wasn’t a good combo.

After my workout, I juiced a grapefruit, 4 carrots, and added some ginger.

Before I went to bed, I juiced an orange, several of the bok choy stalks I had, and there was some left over beet juice from when I last ran vegetable through the juicer.

Lastly, I stayed up late to particularly have some of my Hershey’s Dark Chocolate (I mean Happy Halloween to me).


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