Thursday Dinner

I decided to have spaghetti again and cheese bread again.

Instead of carbs I made noodles from squash and zucchini (so I could get veggies in without the calories).

The marinara I made randomly is more orange than actual red so it looks almost the same as the ground turkey I used.

Excuse the dirty stove. See it looks like I am just eating meat and zucchini but I promise the sauce is just really chunky and is actually vegan!

I added Mozz Diaya shreds, olive oil, and oregano to the bread.

After draining the crap out of my pasta I had a delicious meal.


Later on, I was preparing food for the next day and I snacked on a little bit of turkey and cantaloupe.  I also had 4 glasses of green tea and 2 glasses of wine before I went to bed finally.


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