Wednesday Workout

Today was supposed to be cross training day but since global warming decided to make it rain cray cray in December I had to postpone my Tuesday run for today.  Tuesdays are supposed to be my fast run of the week according to my marathon schedule.


10 minute warm up (a little more than a mile)

Main workout: 1 minute fast (as much of a sprint as a long distance runner can) and 3 minutes easy (aka catching my breath before going back into my “sprint” again)

I repeated this sequence 6 times.  It was 24 minutes of running and I assume 2 – 2.5 miles

After that, I ran back home which was another mile point something.

Afterwards, I did yoga for 30 minutes (thanks On Demand!).

The run was annoyingly dark and I basically lost feeling in my fingers and toes (even wearing gloves).  It is annoying that DST makes it looks like midnight by 5:45pm.  The park I run at kind of has a track so that is where I did the majority of my workout.  It was also annoying that there were still a bunch of puddles from yesterday’s rainfall, and I had to bob and weave out the way of them to avoid getting wet and colder.

All in all it was good to finally run again…I hadn’t done so since Saturday.


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