Thursday Breakfast and Lunch

I had a couple pieces of bread (once again but making your own bread is so much better), juiced 3 grape fruits, and had soy milk with cacao powder.  I also had a few pieces of dark chocolate

I had my regular salad with chia and sesame seeds.  I was out of nuts so I just snacked on 2 pieces of dark chocolate, and one milk chocolate with peanut butter bar (they were like bite sized).

Once again, once I was done with my water (2 quarts) I ate half a lemon and half a cucumber with hummus.


Wednesday “Dinner”

I really just had a lot of bread because I went to trivia third wheeling with my roommate and his girlfriend and I had 2 glasses of wine and 2 beers ehhh.

Wednesday Workout

Presnack: 1 banana, 1 piece of bread, 1 glass of green tea

Miles: 11.2 (really 12 but like my app was being weird so I had to restart it)

Time: 1:35: 17 (add about 7 extra minutes)

Average pace: 8:30 min/mi

Average speed: 7:05 mi

Calories burned: 1294

Post workout snack: 1 apple, several pieces of bread (one had peanut butter on it)

Raw/Juice Wednesday

So I am starting to figure that it is impossible to juice on the weekday due to work.  So now I have decided to do 2 raw/juice (which juicing is technically raw) days where I mix and match raw eating and raw juicing to better fit with my schedule.  

Today I had about 2 cups of Romaine lettuce that I juiced.

When I got to work, I drank 2 berry smoothies (like the ones I drank last night but I added Greek yogurt) which was about 36 ounces.  I know that’s a big smoothie and my measurements are all over the place on here.

I snacked on some nuts and when I was done with my water, I ate the cucumbers with hummus.

Tuesday Meals

Before my workout, I had a banana, teaspoon of peanut butter, and a glass of green tea.  I had the same thing afterward but instead of a banana I had an apple.

I had soymilk with cacao powder and then when I got to work at had half of a grapefruit and my last thing of almonds.

My main “breakfast” I had was vegetables and hummus.

For lunch, I had the same salad I had on Monday except I had chia seeds instead of sunflower and flax.

I used the rest of the cucumbers from my cucumber/lemon water and dipped them in hummus.

For dinner, I had a smoothie that consisted of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, and soymilk.

Then I ate a lot of bread, because I made two loaves (HOMEMADE) but it was really good and hot out the oven so I couldn’t resist.

Tuesday Workout

Since Tuesday was Election Day, I decided to workout in the morning so that I could have time to vote later.  Here was my workout

Upper body: hammer curls (3 sets X 10 reps/arm), shoulder shrugs (3 sets X 10 reps/arm)

*30 jumping jacks, 60 high knees

Lower body: weighted forward lunges (3 sets X 10 reps/leg), bent over rows (3 sets X 10 reps)

*30 jumping jacks, 60 high knees

Core: weighted standing side bends (3 sets X 10 reps/side), weighted standing ab twists (3 sets X 10 reps/side)

*30 jumping jacks, 60 high knees

Upper body: dumbbell triceps pull on Swiss ball (3 sets X 20 reps), chest press (3 sets X 10 reps)

*60 mountain climbers, 60 punching buttkicks

Lower body: weighted side lunges (3 sets X 10 reps/leg), toe raises (3 sets X 10 reps)

*60 mountain climbers, 60 punching buttkicks

Core: weighted sitting crunch on medicine ball (3 sets X 10 reps), full body rotating ab twist (3 sets X 10 reps/side)

*60 mountain climbers, 60 punching buttkicks

Upper body: reverse bicep curls (3 sets X 10 reps/arm), standing shoulder press (3 sets X 10 reps/arm)

*60 running mans, 60 football shuffles

Lower body: squats (3 sets X 10 reps), sitting toe raises on Swiss ball (3 sets X 10 reps/leg)

*60 running mans, 60 football shuffles

Core: long arm weighted crunch (3 sets X 10 reps), Russian twist (3 sets X 10 reps/side)

*60 running mans, 60 football shuffles

Upper body: tricep dips (3 sets X 10 reps) , push-ups (3 sets X 10 reps)

Lower body: dumbbell leg swing (3 sets X 20 reps), wide-legged squat (3 sets X reps)

Core: weighted side bends with medicine ball (3 sets X 20 reps/side), weighted standing oblique crunch (3 sets X 20 reps)

Phew!  I wish I could get up early to exercise like this all the time.  I am going to try to do that tomorrow since tomorrow is my weight day.  It’s easier getting up than getting up and then getting out.

Monday Dinner

After a longgggg workout I wanted something simple.  I had a glass of wine.

This was my meal.  It looks like vomit, but it was actually good.  I was so tired afterward that I was nodding off to sleep around 9:30pm!  You know that’s when you had a good workout.

My meal was quinoa, shredded carrots, and cauliflower in a mushroom sauce (I used blended cashews and water instead of a “vegan creamer” but next time I might use coconut milk because I here it is super creamy).